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Photo Collection Titled “ New York 1962-1964”

Photographer: Sumiharu Watanabe

Limited 150 copies / Double tone printing / A5 size / 352 page / price ¥ 5,800 _ (tax not included)

ISBN 978-4-9909682-0-5

Publisher: Fumio Tanai 


Lifetime Honorary Chairman of Japan Photographers Association, Sumiharu Watanabe (1928- / 90 years old) published "New York 1962-1964" (Fumio Tanai Publishing, 5,800 yen, excluding tax) in June 2018.


In the 1960's when the travel of ordinary people was restricted, few Japanese were visiting the United States with a camera. Mr. Watanabe was working at the office in New York of Nikon Corporation at that time, and every weekend from 1962 to 1964 he walked around Greenwich Village area around Washington Square and continued shooting. Although he started taking pictures to distract the loneliness of single living from his family, from the perspective different from the press photography, such as New York World’s Fair and then the everyday scenery of the time held at that time, his photographs showcase the culture, freedom, peace, and equality of that era wonderfully.


These pictures were published as "Face of Washington Square" (1965, Yuyudoh) and became the starting point for photographer Sumiharu Watanabe. Photographs of the time taken from the viewpoint of a foreigner are rare, and now in the United States this photo collection is traded at a high price, and it is difficult to obtain it even in Japan.


The publisher of this collection, Fumio Tanai identified the negatives of those days out of thousands of dormant negatives stocks at Watanabe’s home. Beginning with the restoration of these works through digitization and retouching, he had to spend two years before finally getting to publish a new collection version.


During the production period, Mr. Watanabe interviewed the situation at the time of the shooting and attached commentary to all the 166 works on the collection.


This photo collection also includes Mr. Watanabe's original essays published in the 1965 edition, and it is also an interesting reading that shows the circumstances of New York in those days. It has posted English translations together, and the publisher so plans to donate this photo collection to art museums mainly in the United States.


To celebrate the publication, "talk show and slide show" is scheduled.


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